UVAE Convention Bulletin No. 3



UVAE Convention Bulletin No. 2 was the formal input call for resolutions to be considered at the Eighteenth UVAE Convention to be held in Ottawa, Ontario from October 5-7, 2020.


1.         A Component form [UVAE CONV. 1, copies attached] are being issued to you in quantity to be made available to the members for preparation and presen­tation of Local Convention Resol­utions.

2.         The membership should be advised of the requirement that each of the following sections of the form be fully completed :

A)        Subject Matter

A simple identity, e.g.,

(i)        By-Law Amendment

(ii)       Superannuation Entitlement Change

B)        Whereas

The reason for the Resolution, e.g.,

(i)        Why the By-Law needs amendment

(ii)       Requirement and/or sub­stantiation for change in superan­nuation entitle­ment.

NB:     Where appropriate, material that supports the reason should be attached.

C)        Be it resolved

Clearly state the aim to be achieved by the Resolution.


3.         Resolution certificates [UVAE CONV. 2,] are also being provided to you for comple­tion by Local Officers.  This form is to accompany approved Local Resolutions submitted as Conven­tion input.

4.         Resolutions received and not accom­panied by the certificate will be returned, in total, to the Local of origin for resubmission with the certi­ficate to verify the approval of the Local.   Minutes of a General Meeting dealing with Convention resolutions must be submitted to the National Office along with the resolution certificate forms.

5.         Should there be more than one submission of resolutions by a Local, a certificate must be com­pleted each time duly-approved resolutions are forwarded.

In Solidarity
Virginia Vaillancourt, National President