UVAE Convention Bulletin No. 2

File no. 2-15                                                                                                             January 6, 2020




UVAE By-Law 10, Section 4, directs

(i)        The National Triennial Convention shall deal with all resolutions and matters approved and brought before it by Locals.

(ii)       The “Resolve” of every Convention resolution submitted by locals shall be included in the min­utes of the general meeting held for this pur­pose.

(iii)      The National Triennial Conven­tion shall deal with recommendations placed before it by the National Executive.

(iv)      The Natio­nal Execu­tive shall estab­lish the gen­eral pol­icies of this Com­po­nent for the period between Con­ven­tions.



The deadline for receipt at the National Office of Local resolutions for our forthcoming Convention is May 30, 2020.

It is essential that this deadline for resolutions be strictly observed, to ensure that all resolutions may be properly indexed, reproduced and sent to delegates in advance of the Convention dates.


UVAE Locals must provide their membership with the fullest opportunity for the solicitation, preparation and consideration of Convention resolution input.  The following procedures are to establish equal means of participation for all members:

A)        Notices

Early posting or circulation of notices advising all members of the time schedule for presentation of Convention resolutions for consideration at Local meetings is essential.

B)        Resolution Preparation

(i)        Advise on the availability of the established standard form for correct presentation of Convention resolution.  [Forms supplied in quantity by the National Office.]

(ii)       Emphasize the necessity for full consideration and completion of the “WHERE­AS” and “BE IT RESOLVED” sections of the form.  Supporting material, as appropriate, should be submitted with the resolution.

(iii)      Direct that a separate form be used for each subject proposed as a Convention resolution.

(iv)      Resolutions must pertain to topics of general importance and will not be on subjects that may be of interest to the individual.

(v)        Without being restrictive, it is suggested that Locals keep their resolutions to a respectable number.  It is proven that four good resolutions are worth 40 loosely worded, dull and unimaginative ones.

C)        Screening

The Local Executive or a duly appointed Local Resolutions Committee should meet and consolidate by subject, or clarify as needed with originators, all resolutions presented by the membership.

D)        Presentation to Local Meeting

(i)        Duly completed and screened resolutions should be presented at a Local meeting for formal ratification by the general membership.

(ii)       Resolutions should also be requested from the floor at the Local meeting.  These should be debated and ratified prior to acceptance for Convention purposes.

(iii)      The Local meeting to consider resolutions input must be scheduled to observe the May 30, 2020 input deadline for resolutions to be received at the National Office.

(iv)      The minutes of the Local meeting should reflect the number of resolutions presented and include the conclusion (BE IT RESOLVED) of each resolution considered. Minutes including resolutions must be received in the National Office by May 30, 2020.


Members are advised that resolutions on collective bargaining issues should properly be bargaining proposals and will not be included for Convention consideration.  All such resolutions submitted will be referred to the Bargaining Agent for submission to the appropriate Bargaining Committee.


The National President has been charged with the task of giving careful study to each of the resolutions submitted by the Locals.  Where it is felt that the meaning of these resolutions is unclear or they are based on a misunderstanding or a misinterpretation of facts, the National President will write to the Local concerned, pointing these things out and suggesting a possible improvement or rewording of the resolution.

The National President may indeed suggest the withdrawal of a resolution on the basis that it would be harmful rather than beneficial to our members.  This would be unusual and would be done only with the concurrence of the National Executive, as well as a detailed explanation of the reasons for suggesting the withdrawal.  It is probable that the National Office may have facts that are not readily available to Locals, or other information of which the Locals are not immediately aware.

It must be stressed that it is neither the desire nor the intention of the National Executive or the National President to screen out any resolution submitted by the Locals.  Whereas the National President may suggest changes in a resolution, or its withdrawal, it is entirely up to the Local to decide whether to take such action.  If the Local indicates that the resolution is to go forward to the Convention as originally presented, it will be done.


Late resolutions to Convention shall be submitted to the National President 28 days prior to the opening day of the Convention and such resolutions shall be the last order of business. 

Resolutions submitted after September 4, 2020 shall not be accepted.

In Solidarity,

Virginia Vaillancourt,
National President
cc:  RVPs