Report of the Regional Vice-President, Charlottetown Head Office – May 2019

I would like to respectfully submit my RVP activities for the period of August 2018 to March 20nd, 2019. I would like to welcome all the new members that have joined the team or have taken on other roles within the National Executive. I would also like to wish those that have chosen other paths, all the best, you will be missed. It remains extremely busy here at H.O. from the day to day routines of working with the local executive and UVAE’s largest Local, meetings with DG’s, ADM’s, Managers, grievances, Pay grievances, and then there’s Phoenix.

The implementation of the dues fix on November 14th has created a lot of work for myself and the Local 90001 executive, we have had hundreds of inquiries from dues not being deducted properly, not being paid at the right rate, or step, arrears questions, concerns with the dues formula information not working out, etc.

We are still continuing to work on having an accurate UVAE local 90001 members list for H.O. and waiting for the green light from our National President to allow our new Service Officer to start working on some very important issues in H.O. that have been placed on the back burner through this long hiring process. Really looking forward to finally working on some of these outstanding issues.

I had meetings with Liberal MP’s (Sean Casey, Wayne Easter and now Minister of Veteran Affairs Laurence MacAuley) and the Minister of Labour (Sonny Gallant) on various PSAC lobbying subjects. Also met the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau while he was at the VAC H.O.

I represented UVAE/PSAC at the Labour Day Picnic in Charlottetown, we had Information tables setup on several PSAC campaigns and gave out hot dogs, corn, ice Cream, pop, milk, popcorn and small toys (for the kids) to over 300 people, before running out of food. It was a great turnout and bigger and bigger every year.

I continue in my role on the PEI Federation of Labour as the Treasurer and attended the PEIFL Convention in October. I attended all PEIFL monthly meetings, PSAC Area Council Meetings and PSAC Human Rights meetings.

I attended PSLREB Staffing Tribunal Advanced Representation Training from October 22nd to the 25th in Ottawa.

I attended the Candle-lighting in Memory of Victims of Violence on December 6th.

I attended the UVAE Local 90001 monthly General Union meetings. I attended all Local Executive meetings and LUMCC meetings. I attended the monthly VAC H&S committee meetings in my role as Co-chair of the committee. I am Co-chair of the National H&S Policy committee and look forward to moving the markers in the right direction when it comes to H&S Nationally

I attended the PSAC Violence Prevention in the Workplace course and a Mental Health Canada two-day Mental Health First Aid course in March.

I helped organize a large rally in support of our Bargaining teams and the Phoenix fiasco held in Charlottetown in February with our PSAC Atlantic REVP, Colleen Coffey.

As the UVAE rep on the VAC Social committee, I helped organize the VAC Christmas Social and an event in the atrium for International Woman’s day on March 8th. At this event the DM presented me with one of his VAC coins for my ongoing contributions to VAC.

My vision over the next three years as RVP is to strengthen the lines of communication, educate and engage the membership, along with ensuring that UVAE remains well-structured and balanced to carry our UNION into the future.

In Solidarity
Jody Lapierre
Regional Vice-President
Charlottetown Head Office